Medea International

What we do

Bid Consulting

Enabling you to win better; whether you need support to improve your bid process, strategic leadership for a specific bid project, a challenger of your competitive position or simply a  pursuit training programme for your operational readiness.

Interim Bid Management

We are ready to help you win. We can join your bid team for a few days or even for a few months, stepping in at any point during the bid cycle and bridging resource gaps your business  might have to manage your bid project.

Pursuit Strategy

Design a plan to win. Facilitated working session with key members of your bid team to determine win position, identify winning themes and differentiators, craft messages relevant to your audience and agree on what needs to be done to win.

Pitch Coaching

We assist you creating the right content for your pitch or presentation, avoiding 'death by PowerPoint'.  We explore your understanding of your client and together design compelling, tailored messages and practice impactful delivery.

Professional Coaching

Whether it's about becoming better communicators, have more impact, evolve public speaking and presentation skills, work out the next career move or simply figure out how to have more time for the things on your bucket list, this can be the kind of work we do together.