Impact, Presence & Leadership

Develop and cultivate your personal impact, build your executive presence and your leadership skills to raise the bar of your performance.

The higher up on the career ladder the more relevant are skills such as having a strong presence, an ability to influence and inspire people, to delegate and to communicate with decisiveness. So, knowing how create an impact, how to empower people, be more grounded and influential, together with raissing your awareness of your own communication style and that of others, how to adapt when facing different audiences whilst being clear about your goals and aspirations will enable you to perform at your highest level with greater fulfilment.


Impact & presence

Become more visible and influential, develop your ability to communicate with confidence, learn how to adapt to difference audiences and build great working relationships. Cultivate a successful, fearless and effective mindset, build your credibility and increase your performance.


Get C-suite ready. Develop your skills to rise to challenges, raise your game and build your executive presence. Delegate better and empower those around you, create a high performing team culture and and develop a more complex understanding of yourself, others and the systems you are involved in.

Ready for change

A formalised leadership programme over six months and 14 sessions that addresses the complex problem areas of change, self-development, conflict management and personal impact to optimise performance – professionally and personally.

Why choose us?

Understanding the critical principles of effective leadership and impactful presence, we help successful leaders get even better. 

Utilising our corporate background of more than 15+ years, our  one-on-one coaching always aims to create effective leadership and organisational success by encompassing the development of the mindset, capabilities, agility, and emotional intelligence and competence of the coachee.

Coaching is a very personal, thought-provoking and creative process and we will therefore discuss your overall expectations and aspirations and tailor the coaching according to your needs.

An ontological coaching approach is at the heart of all coaching offerings, focusing on you as a whole, and you will have a safe environment and support to move beyond your challenges.


Allow us to help you thrive in ever changing times.